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ANEW Era of Support for Women in Business

In March 2018, Hilary Ransom and Sarah Holtmann attended the Network of

Empowered Women Conference hosted in beautiful Lake Louise, Alberta. It is a

powerful conference all about empowering women in the workforce and is a great place

for inspiration, learning and building your network. After they left this conference, they

wondered why there wasn’t a group to support women in the Asper School of Business,

here at the University of Manitoba. From that idea alone, Asper Network of Empowered

Women (ANEW) was born.

ANEW Executive Team – Left to Right: Director of Marketing: Nina Bakija, Executive Assistant: Callie Exner, President: Amanda Fanning, Director of Corporate Relations: Tessa McDonald, Director of Events: Amalie Herath

ANEW’s mission is to prepare women for the challenges they may face in their

careers by providing the necessary skills and tools through speakers, workshops and

volunteer opportunities. In the long-term, ANEW’s vision is to become a long-lasting

student group, creating powerful connections with professional women in the greater

community. With over 150 members from across the University of Manitoba ANEW

strives to connect, develop and empower the student body and have ran many

successful events and initiatives since its inception in August of 2018.

ANEW has provided a lot of programming in its short time of being a student

group and has big plans for growing the group in the future. In the last year and a half,

ANEW has organized two donation drives, one with the UMSU Holiday Hamper

Program, and the other with Willow Place Women’s Shelter. Additionally, ANEW has

executed several Speaker Sessions partnering with companies such as Birchwood,

National Bank, PWC and Enterprise all focusing on a different topic that ANEW deemed

valuable to its membership. On top of these events and initiatives, ANEW also

organizes group volunteering activities with organizations such as Winnipeg Harvest

and UMSU to connect its members with the greater community.

This is just the beginning for ANEW, and this year’s Executive team plans on

bringing even more valuable programming to its members so be sure to follow ANEW

on Instagram at @anew.group to keep up to date.

If you are interested in becoming an ANEW member, you can fill out the following

google form - https://forms.gle/WJMbeC6eGM3fS5u67 , or email us at


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